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Our services are not only limited to court proceedings, but we also offer a range of other legal services.
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Legal Cook and its associates have worked on various complex matters disputes & litigation, the firm has advised clients on problematic, tricky, difficult state of affairs. The firm with its strategical approach, crafts the roadmap for its clients in the best possible manner, converting the dispute into resolution, it also advices & gives all possible legal remedies to overcome the problems in a systematic way. The firm represents their clients from the preliminary stage of their case to the final stage, be it in all forums, i.e. Trial courts, Tribunals, High Courts and Supreme Court of India

The firm helps in analyzing the contracts from the client’s perspective, and assists them on drafting, vetting & negotiating, all the legal provisions and remedies available in the legal system to safeguard their interest, i.e commercial agreements, privacy policy, Advertising agreements, Service Agreements, Master software license agreement. E-Contracts, etc.

The Firm deals with disputes related to Workers, Employees/Employers, Wages, Salary recovery, Termination, gratuity, etc. and also advices Employees/Employers in their complex issues with any workforce management and labour law violations.

The firm deals and advices on various constitutional matters pertaining to Fundamental Rights and violation of their rights, which are mentioned in the Constitution, by exercising Writ Provisions, and various other constitutional remedies & provisions to protect the rights of the individuals.

The firm uses various dispute resolution mechanism, to resolve the issues, by way of Arbitration as per the arbitration agreement, and also by way of mediation in order to have speedy remedy for the clients to come to consensus.

The firm deals with various commercial disputes relating to disputed transactions between merchants, bankers, financiers, traders, etc. and also disputes relation to shareholders agreements, mercantile documents, partnership agreements, joint venture agreements, intellectual property rights, insurance, etc.

The firm consults & counsels the clients on issues related to Divorce, Domestic Violence, Cruelty, Child Custody and Maintenance. The firm also mediates between the parties to restitute, and exhausts all possible remedies before we represents the clients in court and other forums to settle their disputes before the family courts.

The firm deals with issues with consumers and service providers were there has been deficiency or negligence of any product or services, and also unfair practices, and represent our clients in all consumer forums up to NCDRC(National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission).

The Firm advices on Offences happening on Cyber Space, civil and Criminal, Data theft, Hacking, Cyber bullying, Cyber frauds, online banking fraud, matrimonial fraud, ecommerce fraud, ransom ware attacks, Cyber complaints, Safety , digital hygiene compliance, E-contracts.

The firm advices on the protection & safeguarding of the inventor’s exclusive rights, i.e. scientific inventions, patents, trademarks, technology designs etc. of the inventor. By researching and registering the inventions, and also by drafting the agreements for licensing, assignment copyrights, etc.

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LegalCook is a team of very well-spoken advocates who guide you through the process with right and timely advices and charge a fair price. Definitely Recommended!

- Nikhil Prakash

One of the most reliable law firm in Bangalore. I received great legal consultancy which helped me alot to deal with my employment related legal issues. Thankyou so much. ☺️

- Jaya Muvania

One of the best law firm in city , the team of lawyers make your work easy , would highly recommend☺️

- Danish Mohammed